...but before you go checking all them out, have you seen Even live at the BDO in Melbourne...? (needs Real Player to work) - ok, so the ATN site didn't host the BDO footage for very long. If anyone has a copy, I'd be happy to stick it here for people to see.

...the Grand Conspiracy! Is Wally Kempton moonlighting as a television personality...?

Lovingly crafted, yet shoddily constructed, it's the brand new EVEN Screensaver!

Standard Hotel, Fitzroy, Vic. 9/6/99 & 16/6/99 - Ash Naylor solo show.

Corner Hotel, Richmond, Vic. 4/6/99 - supported by Voxsound, Automatic and Dallas Crane. Quite simply one of the most amazing gigs, Even or otherwise, that I've ever had the privilege of attending. It's a pity that my photographic skills didn't quite capture the moment as fully intended... View on!

Esplanade Hotel, St Kilda, Vic. 6/3/99 - supported by Gersey and Garageland

Just because they're everyone's favourite even support, here's a few (bad) snaps of Rocket Science...

Hi-Fi Bar & Ballroom, Melbourne, Vic. 6/11/98 - supported by Del-Emmas, Rocket Science, and Matt Walker & Ashley Davies.

Prince of Wales Hotel, St. Kilda, Vic. 2/10/98 - supporting the Dandy Warhols. (again, not the best pictures in the world...!)

These are the pictures taken by myself at the Come Again album launch 28/09/98.

Please bear in mind that I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination, so half of these are a little blurry. I prefer to call it 'creative effect'.

Ash in full flight:


Matt up the back:

Ash & Matt:

Joel & Ash dining a la carte with inexpensive 'no gas left' meal at Richmond Coles before the show: