The Unofficial Jeff Buckley web page

Wonderfully and meticulously maintained by the fantastic Gayle Kelemen - make this your first stop for all things Jeff Buckley. Contains all the latest news, lyrics, pictures, tabs, sounds, reviews, and the very moving tribute pages.

The Official Sony Jeff Buckley web page

All the official Buckley-esque information can be found here, unfortunately page curator David Perris is not as meticulous and regular in his maintenance of the page as would be liked. The page contains quite a lot of interesting and hard to find information, however.

Andrew's Jeff Buckley Home Page

The page to go to for information on Eternal Life - the Jeff Buckley Mailing List. Information on listees, some wonderful pictures, and a good place to go for tape trading.

Jeff Buckley - In Memory Of

A very nice looking tribute site to Jeff, with some very attractive pictures. Definitely a must-see.

Anders' Jeff Buckley-Eternal Life page

A very beautiful page by listee Anders Faber Neilsson containing pictures and some listee information.

KCRW Tribute - In memory of Jeff Buckley

An exceptionally beautiful tribute page from radio station KCRW with some beautful live recordings.

OAAW-Melodies for Abductees

Short page with the lyrics to a song that Jeff wrote the music for. It contains some sound files of the song.

New York tribute page

Eliza's photo page of the New York tribute. No text, just a whole lot of great photos of the JBEL gang on the job in New York. Also links to the memorial program and the Momma Dogga poem.