Born now, liege, under the stars
Prophesised, your will entailed
Follow in the royal trail
Your path will lead you far

Come, my liege, your father dead
No throne now for you to curtail
No foreign seas for you to sail
Your father's will is said

Mayhap, my liege, you go to war
Against an enemy untold
All armour laden, strong and bold
Your forces o'erscore

Farewell, my liege, I wish you well
May your golden sword strike true
May no steel strike unto you
Your valiant tale to tell

Welcome liege, your battle won
The sweeping plains bore you along
To castle home, protected, strong
The vanquished forces done

Drink up, my liege, and have your fill
Vict'rous soldiers sing and cry
You give the dead their last goodbye
From off the window sill

You look, my liege, worse than before
Your sullen eyes reveal the pain
You cannot walk, your head is strained
But still I hold the door

Goodbye, my liege, I knew you when
We were only little boys
Your sword was but a little toy
And you were just my friend.


Care to be in here?
I'm not sure you allow
But turn up anyway
I'm sure you know how.

You didn't, you weren't
I never saw you with me
I missed the night, slept
And then woke from my dream.

Sun rose, as it always does
Mist still on the windows
Heat rising and cleaning
Watch how it all goes.

I watched how you last left
Faded, lone into the air
Took flight, winged away
Until I was no longer there.

Until the next we ne'er we meet,
The water cold, the river sweet
Autumn leaves 'neath winter feet
Forest warm, union complete

Were to I be near as Her
Seen to be a new delight
A wond'rous summer upward flight
Feeling as they never were

Happy lives and happy sees
What e'er the lands see over when
The faces shown, and almost then
It almost looks at me

O, to be upon that place
Where mirror shows the tender plane
And window curtains falling rain
And distorts her pretty face

To be if happy was, but by
I see that I could never know
The feelings I so rarely show
Exalt me to the sky

Unchecked it moves across the rest
Far from the one so tender is
It shall never reach, because
It will never be the best

O to be the hand that glances on the brow
O to be the brow that lies above the eye
O to be the eye that looks upon the leg
O to be the leg that acts upon the foot
O to be the foot that walks upon the ground
O to be beside the girl that makes the world go round

Would a tear be wasted
If it fell upon a barren cheek
Would a day be misspent
If it wasn't used throughout the week

Could a person speak
When another has their heart
Would that person linger
If they knew it from the start

I know I would but stay
To know and not to do
But what would I but say then
If I couldn't be with you

A Singer

A face though bars or picture frame
Trapping visions cased inside
Open jewellery box and see
The spinning dancer try to hide

She weaves and whirls her ribbons
'Mongst the silvery necks and bronze'd bands
Rings and pearls on endless strings
Float dovelike through her tender hands

The way the gilded mirror looks
When the sunlight strikes its face
Reflects the girl who gazes in
Resplendent, worthy, in it's place

Her poignant song surrounds the room
Her voice alone her starring stage
If only lovely singer knew
Her talent, she'd escape her cage

A Dancer

Come, see her, the dancing girl
Who shows up at our door today
Peace in pieces, noise annoys, yet
Still she comes around this way

She holds abreast the silver rail
And casts about her supple legs
The hat she brings, cast on the ground
For coins she asks, for food she begs

One or two pass by her act
And bear her less than weary gaze
Others, passing, huddle round
And comment on her finer days

Still no-one fills her upturned hat
With what she'd call an average fee
So I give her coin, she turns away
And dances off in playful glee

A Musician

The hammer strikes the tensioned wire
And notes emit the tired room
The hands that strike the coloured keys
Are better spent on axe or broom

Yet still he plays the golden tunes
And still the songs are heard above
Some are said to hear them, but
The songs ignore the one he loves

And still he writes, and still he plays
'Till audience can hear no more
But the music boy won't stop until
He sees the one he saw before

As sunlight fades, he stops and sighs
And packs away his broken pride
He lowers down the hardwood lid
And sees the girl, smiling, beside


Spinning, the room fell into darkness
Not a pain wrought out of magicalness
Devoid of light, home to unknown
Not a home to what is best

The blue lightning still crackled and sparked
Fading the illuminate into the dark
Though still not enough to have seen
What in the light was stark

Sunrise brought with it a burning vision
Disparate soul consumed by derision
The body detached from the soul
Containing only collusion

Arise! Screamed he, and awakened to day
Order before him, now in disarray
Of thought he had no recall
No memory for to betray

Thrust open, the doors of his soul
And doors withal were open to behold
What glorious sight laid before
Glorious showing of world

The evidence of his masterful ways
The world created in his spinning malaise
Home now for him to inhabit
And occupation he craves

For there are more than him now to realise
Now that his soul has opened its eyes
Equally skilled in his craft
Though not in his disguise

So forth he went, to journey on
The brave new world, the setting sun
And many folk did he meet
For he was but one

The magic called upon not once
But many called the spiritual dance
That forced his power out
In convenient circumstance

Waylaid souls, no mercy shown
For his powers now becoming known
Nor hesitated then to use
Whatever became outgrown

Any marauder who would set unto
Faced the light, the somber blue
The crack of thunder near
And the unerring true

Time brought closer each conflict met
Along the path, his life beset
On battles fought and won
Though destiny was set

As darkness once again returned
Light yet passed is not yet spurned
Now frail in his ways
Another life has turned

And darkness is what darkness was
When life began its inimitable course
Another life has turned
And his was not the first.


Why has thou forsaken me?
Could it be for I am done
What once was I but now am gone
And no more of me be

What sorrow stains the open heart
What heart opens itself up to pain
But to feel it back again
To close what once was 'part

But taken once, the lesson learned
Would think to never more reveal
The heart that could so easily steal
To once again be spurned.