9th ward open mike
cnr elizabeth st & flinders lane, melbourne
every tuesday night

every week a dedicated troupe of talented (and some not-so-talented) musicians get together to ply their trade, practice their craft, and generally just have a good time at one of the best live music venues in melbourne. this is a close approximation of what it looks like...

photographic highlights 23/04/02

leon no.1 singing about the good ol’ times down south

leon no.1 again – you’ve gotta love that hat

shane reading a short story

shane cutting loose

lucas singing.. yes, that’s right.. a doors cover

pam and mikey trying to steal the limelight from birthday boy and sound man extraordinaire damien

the ward’s favourite poms, the international art of mime

damien swapping the dials for his axe

julian, pam and myself thinking about opening our eyes

julian still hasn’t figured out how to open his eyes

pam playing my beautiful guitar (heh)

pam sings as i try to look good but fail miserably

the safe hands of adrift

leon no.2 also seems to be having trouble keeping his eyes open

rumour has it that leon no.2 sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads (hence the eyes)

that.. guy.. whose name I forget..

deadly c gettin’ down y’all

deadly wishes damien a happy birthday in his own inimitable style

"bang bang" says deadly