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Latest News:

It's good to be back, after a lengthy spell! I'll be endeavouring to add lots of new bits to the site over the next few days. I've been & checked out the new Au-go-go store (updated review coming soon!) and it's pretty darn good. I also made it out to Dixons in Blackburn for the first time, and 16 great singles later (and $100!!) I've decided to include all Dixons stores in the reviews guide.
Changes are in the wings for a couple of JB-Hifi stores - apparently the Knox store has moved closer to Ferntree Gully, and into much larger premises, although I'm still yet to check them out. The furniture store beside Nunawading JB-Hifi has closed down, and the ubiquitous yellow JB sign has extended itself across to cover the entire frontage, so it looks as if this store will be extending as well.
So much for my Brilliant Discs review, however! Unfortunately the pokey little second hand store is no more, leaving Alley Tunes (and to a certain extent Readings) the dominant sellers in the Hawthorn area.
Rumours that Melbourne stores would be delayed in getting their hands on the new Radiohead album were pretty much unfounded - I picked up a copy early Monday morning from Gaslight, and several other stores had plenty of stock on board.
Please folks, keep that.. erm... feedback rolling on in!

Kudos to two stores for coming through with the goods on a couple of things for me; Greville Records for somehow turning up a copy of Jeff Buckley's Mystery White Boy on pristine vinyl - I'm pretty sure that they have a few more copies (while I'm on Jeff Buckley stuff - and it's getting harder and harder to get - I'm not going to mention the name of the wonderful store where I've managed to pick up no less than THREE Buckley bootlegs secondhand on three different occasions... JB-Hifi have come through with the goods on the new Live in Chicago DVD, and have it for less than $30.. buy it now, I say!!). The other store I wanted to praise (and yes, I know that I've kind of stuck it to them in the past) is Polyester, for stocking the first two Sandro CDs (would you believe I found their third LP in HMV Chadstone, of all places...) and a Charlie Marshall single (granted I found that at Greville a few days later...), so looks like Polyester is still kicking out the jams when it comes to quality Aussie independent releases. Keep up the huntin' people!

Ok, back into the swing of things with a vengeance. A new store or two have been added, and a couple of the pages that once were there, then weren't, are now back again. I think a counter is in order; feedback has been slow. No sales of late, but I have decided that K-Mart and Target will be first port of call for a small amount of 'popularist' new stuff. A bit Judas-like towards the hardcore stores, I know, but hey.. where there's a bargain to be had.....

Added a few more goodies found in Beat magazine. I'll be starting re-writing the stores reviews today, so look out for them early on in the new week. Is anyone reading this?!? Send in your comments. Please.

Woohoo, I'm back. I couldn't find my 'ye olde faithful backup' so I guess starting from scratch is all I can do. I really should start taking a notebook around with me to some places, because I tend to suffer from RSA (see advice) upon leaving stores now, not only whilst I'm in them. I've put down a few goodies that I've found - it'll have to do for now. I'm going to start reviewing a few inner-suburban stores as well, starting with Alley Tunes and Essential Discs (cause I can get to them and back to work in my lunch break..). I'll probably be reviewing my best-of ratings too; 3 for each category probably wasn't enough. Anyway.. I hope all three of you reading this are enjoying the new look...

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